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Nature is the base of Human life and civilization. It satisfies our never ending demand of resources. Business and all commercial activities are also dependent on water, land, air, plant or animal produced raw material. However human greed has made this planet a hell for the habitants now. We are under a threat of severe pollution now days, which has result into many disorder and diseases. 

In a wake of above situation, we have started a plantation project; it’s too from our own campus, Regional College, Sitapura. Last month a plantation campaign was initiated by Director General of our college with a huge response of faculty members and students.

It was an awesome experience for all.  This is how we realize the needs around and implement quickly. Everyone has to contribute his or her effort to save the environment. Time has come to wake up. Kindly push yourself to plant as many trees as possible in the vicinity. Make your country a green heaven.



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Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)

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