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Regional College for Education Research and Technology, Sitapura organised a awareness program on the topic “Daughters are precious

Dr. Bijayalaxmi Panda, Regional Advocacy officer, Action Against Hunger/Fight Hunger Foundation, Jaipur were the speaker of the event.

She discussed the following topics:-

·         Why we discriminate against Girls?

·         Why we don’t want a girl child?

·         Safety of Girls

·         Religious reasons

·         Sons for old age support

·         Family name related issue

She explained that Root Cause of Sex determination are Poverty

·         Lack of Education

·         Low status of women and girls in a male  dominated society

·         The culture of son preference

·         Monitoring of foetus sex determination

·         Obsession for Son.

·         Fear of dowry by many poor class families.

·         Girls are considered as financial obligation by many parents.

·         Advancement in technology, nowadays parent determines the sex of a child before birth.  

·         Some of the doctors do this heinous act to fulfill their money desire.

Dr. Bijayalaxmi Panda share information about The Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selection) Act, 1994.

She also discussed about

·         104 & 108 helpline for complaints

·         IMPACT software

·         Active tracker on Sonography machines

·         GPS on new machines

·         PBI

·         Mukhbir network and then Decoy operations

·         Separate courts for hearing such cases in all districts

·         Beti Bachao Prakoshtha and “Daughters are Precious” campaign

·         Regular inspections by Appropriate Authorities at State/ District/ Sub Division

·         Workshops, Seminars etc for awareness in community.

Overall the event was very mush informative. The students asked lot of question about the topic and enhance their knowledge.