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How Deepshikha Group Of Colleges helps you in Placement, read here to know.

When an Individual is in search of college, he/she want to enroll in a college that will provide them a better placement opportunity. Placement is one of the key point that helps a student to choose a proper institution for themselves. It raises an opportunity to find jobs in big companies that holds an good name out there. Deepshikha Group of colleges helps you in placement assistance that will help an individual to find a better company and better profile of work there. Deepshikha group of colleges constant aims at developing the skills and improving chances of getting placed.


Our college builds a perfect foundation for molding a student in a way that he/she is ready to take over any chance they get. Not just that the college is associated with few of the big companies such as: Infosys, IBM, HCL, Microsoft, Coca -Cola, Backyard, and many more which helps an individual to grab the best opportunity possible.

Not just this, we help the student to get a golden chance, by frequently arranging a placement drive in colleges. The placement cell is there to help a student to groom in a way that can help an individual to face the interviewer in a better way. Below mentioned are few areas that are covered by the institution for better grooming of a student:

  • PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT : Personality plays a vital role in getting a job. If you have a well developed personality, you will have that sets of quality such as: Intuitive skills, saying right things at the moment, better physical appearance, handling and cross answering the questions which has been raised in front of you, decision making and analytical skills. All these factors are kept in mind and we help a student to prepare well and adapt each and every quality on the basis of their expertise. Different Types of Workshops and programs are planned in a way that helps a student to learn everything step by step.
  • DEVELOPING APTITUDE & SOFT SKILLS: These factors are essential factors for each and every work environment. In this aspect , Deepshikha group of colleges helps an individual to develop skills such as: Cognitive skills, Logical thinking, Communicating in a good way, developing problem solving techniques. Time Management, Analytical Techniques, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning and much more are taught and trained here at institution.
  • WRITING EFFECTIVE CV: The only way to create best impression on an interviewer without even marking your physical presence. Curriculum Vitae holds the power to create a image of a candidate in interviewer’s eyes and we guide the candidate to prepare best curriculum vitae, that consists of each and every quality that a candidate holds. the presentation of set of skills and education pursued is done in a way so that it can make a good appearance of interviewee according to the requirement of profile and requirement.
  • PREPARING YOU FOR INTERVIEW: The mission of the college is to prepare each and every student in a way that he/she presents themselves efficient enough to get selected for a position. The level of confidence and cross-questioning techniques with efficient learning of job profile skills is the door to enter in a interview. Basic etiquette such as : dressing sense, body language and communication skills are also mentioned so that you can fly your wings out in your career.
  • GROUP DISCUSSIONS ABILITY : Different levels of mock interviews are conduct in our college that consists of a topic and each and every person in the room has to discuss on it. This activity helps the student to be opinionated and strong headed. Not just that , they can contradict on the points that are valid for the other individual. This session develop an ability of the candidate to face any interview that has group discussion in it.

Earlier days, when competition was not a basic barrier, the one among the efficient students was chosen to perform a particular profile. Whereas, nowadays; each and every person is trying to catch the pace of technology and learning new unique thing that make him/her different. Traditional Learning that only focuses in theoretical learning of student is not enough these day but How one can perform practically is what matters today. Deepshikha Group of Colleges helps the student to be job-ready in both practical and theoretical aspect.


Give Wings to your career with Deepshikha Group of Colleges by learning relevant courses. Ping at info@deepshikha.org for more information and let us know how we can help you in building better future. Our esteem institution in Jaipur is a NAAC A+ accredited and UGC recognised institute that has both online degrees and professional courses.



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