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Shattering Taboos by Embracing Mental Well-being at Deepshikha College

We are in a world constantly changing and running at a fast pace, leaving no time to nurture our emotional being. However, as much as it is difficult to care for oneself in such a busy scenario, especially for college students, it becomes increasingly important to make mental health paramount. However, conversations around mental health well-being have always been hushed and sidelined by stigma but not anymore. Deepshikha College, the best private college in Jaipur understands the importance of mental well-being among students and is on a mission to change the narrative. The college encourages open conversations around mental health by fostering a very supportive and vibrant surrounding.

Deepshikha College, one of the finest colleges in Rajasthan understands that it’s high time that we enforce better mental health wellbeing among students. It is time to give the spotlight to mental health thus has fostered an environment for students where they can be open about their well-being. The college has rolled out a number of initiatives that are aimed towards empowering the students as well as the staff to acknowledge and address mental health challenges openly.

To ensure better outcomes for students, the college offers a dedicated counselling cell with a mental health support team. It is a safe haven for students seeking help and guidance. From counselling sessions to workshops along with other resources to help restore emotional resilience and coping mechanisms in students, Deepshikha College, the best private college in Jaipur offers everything that a student needs. Moreover, the college actively organises campaigns and events focused towards mental health care and awareness. We ensure that every student at Deepshikha is empowered and healthy by addressing their issues and challenges with great care.

Also, Deepshikha College not only believes in mental health wellbeing but also understands the importance of fostering a culture of acceptance and empathy. The college and its team work together to break down the barriers through diverse resources and initiative. Whether it’s the counselling cell or campus wide initiatives, Deepshikha College offers a space where everyone feels safe, empowered, and makes the most of their college life.

Deepshikha College is driving its students towards change while opening doorways for open conversations. We, as the best private college in Jaipur, not just offer world class education but also equip our students with invaluable tools to navigate their life journey through different challenges. We help our students pave their way through their life with compassion, empathy, and more confidence. Thus, we offer a space for students to thrive professionally, mentally, as well as emotionally. So, at Deepshikha College, we shatter the silence around mental health, dismantle the stigma, and prioritise mental health wellbeing for all. Moreover, we understand that a healthy mind is the bedrock of a thriving community.



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