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Polytechnic civil engineering programs typically offer hands-on training and education in various aspects of civil engineering, such as structural design, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, and construction management. These programs often focus on practical skills and application rather than theoretical concepts, preparing students for entry-level positions in the field or for further study at a university.

In a polytechnic civil engineering program, students may expect to learn about:

  1. Structural Engineering: This involves the analysis and design of structures such as buildings, bridges, and dams to ensure they are safe and able to withstand various loads and environmental conditions.

  2. Transportation Engineering: This area focuses on the planning, design, and operation of transportation systems, including roads, highways, railways, and airports, to ensure efficient and safe movement of people and goods.

  3. Geotechnical Engineering: This field deals with the behavior of earth materials, such as soil and rock, and their interaction with structures. It includes topics like soil mechanics, foundation design, and slope stability analysis.

  4. Environmental Engineering: Environmental aspects of civil engineering involve managing and mitigating environmental impacts of engineering projects, such as water and air pollution control, waste management, and environmental sustainability.

  5. Construction Management: This involves the planning, scheduling, and coordination of construction projects, including cost estimation, contract administration, and quality control.

Duration : 3 Years

College :

Regional Institute of Polytechnic Studies, Vatika
Regional Institute of Polytechnic Studies, Pratapgarh
Regional Institute of Polytechnic , Chaksu
Regional College of Polytechnic , Vatika

Campus :  Vatika, Chaksu, Peetal Factory  Campus in Jaipur, Kotputli, Pratapgarh

College and Course Approved by : All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. Of India

Degree Awarded by : Board of Technical Education, Jodhpur

Admission criteria : Admission will be made as per the eligibility & reservation criteria, notified by BTER, Jodhpur

Further Information :

Tel: +91-141-4098900 , 6502060, 2202684, 5144026, 2281358

Help Line No.:  902 442 2444

Fax: +91-141-2206436

E-mail: info@deepshikha.org

Aims of the course :

One of the challenges for the 21st century is to reduce the level of the harmful emissions that are thought to be responsible for climate change. Civil engineering is a relevant stream in engineering, looking to the fast growing Indian economy which is possible only by developing qualified professional in the field of CIVIL Engineering.

Eligibility :

Passed 10th std / SSC examination

Obtained at least 35% marks at the qualifying examination.

Career Opportunities :

Relastate Companies, Various govt. Project like bridge construction, rail project, higways, dams constructions etc.. CIVIL Engineers also find employment in the government sector in the various PWD, CPWD as well as infrastructure project etc.. Some graduates also go on to study at postgraduate’s level.



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