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Why are hackathons important for Engineering students?

The hackathon consists of two words “Hack” and “Marathon” where hack means trial and exploring the programming. Certainly, Hackathon is more like an event for engineers that lasts a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 3-4 days. Computer engineers studying in the Best B. Tech college in Jaipur participate in hackathon in a huge number.


Learning Opportunity: Engineering students can use this time to learn a new skill or framework in a setting that keeps them focused and motivated. During the events, one will hear about new advancements in the field, and realize how this will help in developing career.

Spark in Innovation: When hackathon events are held, experts come from different fields and hence because of such diversity of participants many new and different ideas are born to solve a particular problem.Hackathons can thus solve almost all problems be it regarding any software solutions or everyday workflow issues or even the formation of new products.

Builds Confidence: Engineering students of Best B.Tech college in Jaipur can expect to pitch an idea for a project to complete strangers. You can also present your work in front of tens or hundreds of people. This will make you more aware of your own capabilities and thus also bolster your confidence.

Smart Management and Team Dynamics: Hackathons are great lessons in terms of execution and efficiency. They can put you in a situation where you are required to work with new people for many hours. You create a strong bond when everyone is working toward the same goal. You get to learn new things from others’ strengths, you learn what working with a team is like, your communication skills will be developed.

Professional Networking: During the event, you will have numerous opportunities to know people on a professional level, be it during team-matching sessions, food breaks, or going for coffee together. This offers closed groups to connect and be together.

Builds Entrepreneurship Skills: You can learn business ideas or practical problems. Sometimes your solution might be so amazing it could be bought, or you and your teammate might resonate so well that you will continue working together beyond the hackathon.

Awards and Recognition:It is always good to consider awards, certificates,and recognition at the bottom of your requirement. Continuously learning and growing is very important. Students of Best B. Tech college in Jaipur will be appreciated for their work.



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