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Advance Learning in Computer Applications

Computer Application has been evolving as an important branch of science and technology in last two decade and it has carved out a space for itself. Computer application spans around theory and its application requires thinking both in abstract terms and in concrete terms. Computer science has a wide range of specialties. These include Computer Architecture, Software Systems, Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical and Statistical Analysis, Data Science, Computational Science, and Software Engineering. The Best BCA college in Jaipur and other universities providing computer applications have introduced advanced programmes of computer application.

In NEP 2020, the program outcomes in BCA are aimed at allowing flexibility and innovation in design and development of course content, in method of imparting training, in teaching learning process and in assessment procedures of the learning outcomes. The emphasis in BCA course is outcome-based curriculum framework which helps students learn solving problems, accomplishing IT tasks, and expressing creativity, both individually and collaboratively. The proposed framework will help students learn programming techniques and the syntax of one or more programming languages.

Program Outcomes: BCA Degree in NEP 2020

1. Discipline knowledge: Students of Best BCA College in Jaipur are expected to acquire knowledge on basics of Computer Science and ability to apply to design principles in the development of solutions for problems of varying complexity.

2. Problem Solving: Students are then charged with improved reasoning with strong mathematical ability to identify, formulate and analyse problems related to computer science and exhibiting a sound knowledge on data structures and algorithms.

3. Design and Development of Solutions: Students are taught to design and develop the algorithmic solutions to real world problems and acquire a minimum knowledge on statistics and optimization problems.

4. Application Systems Knowledge: Students are equipped with a sound knowledge on computer application software and ability to design and develop applications to solve complex real world business issues.

5. Modern Tool Usage: Students are taught how to identify, select and use a modern scientific and IT tool or technique for modelling, prediction, data analysis and solving problems in the area of Computer Science through mobile based application software.

6. Project Management: Students practise existing projects become independent to launch own project by identifying a gaps in solutions.

7. Students get acquainted with the contemporary trends in industrial/research settings and thereby innovate novel solutions to existing problems

8. Students gain the ability to work independently on a substantial software project as an effective team member.



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