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Are you a science graduate from best B.Sc. College in Jaipur who has written a research paper and is willing to get it published but facing difficulties?

Getting a fund can be the biggest challenge for researchers. Other significant challenges include dealing with heavy workloads, managing time, navigating bureaucracy and knowing how to get published in the right journal.

Here are some of the points to be considered for young researchers who are planning a career in the field of research:

  • Study and explore the sources of funding for your project. Do not necessarily rush into attaining a degree of PhD.
  • If your research is of a large scale, then it is important that the essential requirements and standards of the project are met. For this, it is required that the young researchers who have recently passed out should familiarize themselves with all the key frameworks.
  • Also, it is expected of the researcher to listen to the experts’ advices, given by the research experts and feedbacks on the project.
  • Talking to media personnel can lead to more collaboration and funding.
  • Knowing yourself and reflecting on what you are good at is important. Get feedback from your mentors and friends.
  • Polishing communication skills is significant to tell about your research. Practical guidance is provided at the college through workshops which include tips for boosting communication skills. 
  • There are several online resources, organization of seminars, conferences and workshops in best B.Sc. College in Jaipur which helps students to maintain a pace of learning.
  • Time Management Skills are very important to learn for conducting and extending research further.
  • Making a plan is required for what you know and what you should know. Writing a timeline of research activities and short term and long term goals are also necessary for students of so that they can plan their research activities well.
  • Getting a right mentor who can provide you the right guidance is of utmost importance. A PhD mentor can be contacted for suggesting improvements in research of researcher of best B.Sc. College in Jaipur.
  • Developing good networking channels is important for students. Designing an online persona is useful but meeting people at events such as conferences and seminars should be continued with.
  • Finally, you should focus on quality research and learning which you can showcase in the popular journals. Don’t succumb to the pressure of publishing in ordinary journals; also don’t get obsessed with publishing only in famous journals either.