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Wondering about writing articles on science! Why not the students of Best B.Sc. College in Jaipur themselves create a blog about their science experiments and subsequent discoveries! Students love to hear from other students. They like to share stories, behind-the-scenes video, funny anecdotes and above all they love to have ownership over what they are doing in the classroom. What better way to do this than to allow them supervise education blog that not only permits the students to creatively express what has been happening in your classroom but also displays your own work for other classes to emulate. In short, your everyday science lessons could become a source of inspiration to other students.


Importantly, the length of the blog doesn’t have to be set in stone. Some days you might find that students can only produce 100 to 200 words and then other days the blog could be double or triple that! As the students get used to blog writing, they will find that not only does the length of their submissions increase but also the writing quality improves. In fact, you will be able to find the requirement to include variables and fair testing and structuring their experiments using the scientific method.

When you are performing experiments in the science labs at Best B.Sc. College in Jaipur you should gain in-depth knowledge as much as possible as it will help you to make your blog more engaging and exciting to explore. Hyperlinks prove to be useful for it gives opportunities of linking information throughout your blog as well as educational content you can find on other websites as well. Once you are producing regular educational content on a regular basis and weaving the production into your curriculum as part of your routine you’ll find it get easier and easier.

The Best B.Sc. College in Jaipur included blogs as part of homework for students to complete which is a good way to help students reflect on what they have learned in class. These days most software platforms are very user-friendly and have a large number of resources and forums where you can chat with another user for support and guidance. Once up and running you’ll find that the process is highly rewarding and your classroom blog will become yet another student science engagement tool you can employ.



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Sarosh Khan
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