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Commerce education is the area of education which develops required knowledge, skills and attitude for the success of handling trade, commerce and industry. According to the needs of the business and society, independent professions have emerged in the form of Chartered Accountant, Cost and work accountant, Company Secretary and business administrator (MBA). Commerce education is directly concerned with everyday of students. B.COM Colleges in Jaipur provides students with intensive knowledge of different functional areas of business so as to prepare people required by the community for the purposes of trade, commerce and industry.

In 1933, Fredrick G. Nichols defined commerce education as follows, “Commerce education is a type of training which while playing a part in the achievement of the general aims of education on any given level, has for its primary objective, preparation of people to enter upon a business career or having entered upon such a career to render more efficient services there in and to advance from their present levels of employment to higher levels.”

· To study various courses available for career opportunities

· To study various areas available where commerce education applies

· To study modern means of commerce education and its application

· To study prospects in commerce education for students and related people

· To study challenges in commerce education for students and related people

· To analyze the problems in commerce education and to provide suggestions IMPORTANCE OF COMMERCE EDUCATION


Commerce education in B.COM Colleges in Jaipur has been developed to support growing manpower needs of business enterprises. Commerce education is important for various areas of business, trade, commerce and industry. It is significant to the students and related people for the purpose of proper management of money, work management, decision making, keeping record and maintenance of activities, management of risk, building entrepreneurship skills, tax management and payment, trade and marketing management,  business communication and etiquette’s,  preparation of bookkeeping  records, preparation of accounting statement and interpretation of them. B.COM Colleges in Jaipur renders knowledge of various theoretical and practical business world situations, which is highly important for growth of a student in this field.



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