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Ample use of Digital assets has transformed the needs of modern learners. Traditional classroom-based approaches have been eliminated somewhere in this pandemic phase. Students nowadays look for a learning opportunity online. This situation demands a counter to this barrier and colleges are required to develop an alternative method of teaching for imparting education.

Deepshikha Group of Colleges has adopted digital technology in the education ecosystem and enhanced the traditional face-to-face learning environment which can enable teachers to innovate pedagogical models for developing connections with students. 

While the course curriculum is an ever-evolving area based on current and future trends, teaching-learning methodologies is a specialized domain where experiments and innovations are particularly needed. At this juncture, technological interventions can add a lot of value to current pedagogical practices. 

Below highlighted are the perks of Digital Transformation by DGOC-

● Future Focused curriculum- Deepshikha group of colleges had developed a workforce for a better curriculum. Students have more access to relevant and regularly updated content. The ability to update easily, working on means access to updated material and features regularly. 

● Students performance Tracing– Digitalisation has played a vital role in tracking student’s performance. It is a quick way to record students’ score, student work, and their academy graph. The Deepshikha group of colleges had formulated different panels to Trace student activities. 

● Synergetic Learning- During this pandemic, DGOC had aimed at collaborative learning. Synergetic interactions facilitate shared knowledge, active learning, social interaction, and supportive e-learning. It guides an individual towards positive student performance outcomes. 

● Time Saving– E-learning eliminates the barrier of time. It enables the student to learn according to their own pace and helps them finish their assignment timely and in an appropriate manner. It only takes logging in and completing your training via Digital platforms and you can easily resolve your query during training hours. 

● Digital Exploring- Surfing has increased the retention of information and takes less time. With the increase in screen time, Students have explored the digital world too and get used to the new technologies and updates required to fit into the new world. 

Here at Deepshikha group of colleges, the technology is used as a tool to drive systemic and institutional changes to impart knowledge and develop skills and learning efficiency. We build the best foundation for your future plans.
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