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From the time we are born, we receive teachings or you can also call it a guidance regarding developing good behaviour from our elders and teachers. With those directions, most of the students have implied in their life and psychologically it has proven that humans adapt the characters and behaviour of people they like. So, the question arises that the education, guidance and learning we receive in Best Private College in Jaipur, how much it has enhanced students’ ability or personality development.

These are numerous opinions of students that reveal how teaching methods affect the personalities and performance of students. Authentic teaching provides a positive influence on students and the impact is very vast. The factors that influence students’ attitudes and behaviour are easily predicted by teaching practices like emotional support and classroom organizations. Good marks and percentage also depends a lot on the teaching process at the Best Private College in Jaipur and as well as the attitude and behaviour of the students.

The in-built attitude is one significant factor that affects the personality of student. So, things work altogether and not on their own, just like a car need four vehicles for running and it cannot run with a single wheel. In the same way students/faculty relation is very important for the overall development of students as well as the educational institution.

All factors of student/faculty relation support a lot in the successive achievement of an aspirant. Behaviours and attitude of all those people in the surrounding impacts the personality of student.

There are three main components of an attitude, and they are cognitive, affective, and intentional. The cognitive aspect of an attitude refers to what beliefs a student has about a person or object. The affective component relates to feelings a student has towards a person or object. Lastly, the intentional component addresses the intentions a person has towards a person or object. Naturally, there is some overlap in these components. If a student has negative beliefs about something, it is probably that they have negative feelings as well.

Generally, students endeavour to maintain consistency between their attitudes and actions. Failure to do this can lead to trying to justify inconsistent behaviour through excuses. This happens when students do something they know is wrong and blame it on something else. This disconnect between attitude and action is sometimes called cognitive dissonance. Students should avoid such kinds of behaviours. Attitudes are part of life but how we respond is up to us. According to Best Private College in Jaipur whether a student has a positive or negative attitude, teacher is expected to find ways to work with this student to develop their overall personality.



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