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How to make learning interactive?

Technology makes learning easy and interactive. You can ask anything from “Google” and will get an answer so quickly. Thus, interactive learning is important to encourage students for attending classes regularly. The best MBA College in Jaipur is looking for some interesting and interactive learning methods for students. Age does not matter much when it’s all about the kinaesthetic way.

  • Think, pair, and share: Many teachers are using the think, pair, and share technique of learning. It is the most interesting and interactive way of learning as faculty propose a question and every student is needed to answer either individually or in a group. It helps in maximizing the learning of students as students will share their response.
  • Take a side: The best MBA College in Jaipur is using this technique to make learning interactive and enhance critical and logical thinking. Under this, the faculty propose a question and asked the students to take a side or present a viewpoint on it. Students have provided their personal opinion and it enhances their ability of problem-solving and analytics.
  • Visuals: Whether you are studying in school or college, you always love to learn through visuals and stories. It seems an interesting approach for engagement and gives a clear idea about the concept. In colleges, faculty uses this approach with the presentation of various data, graphs, and charts so that students become aware of the facts. Thus, the use of visuals makes the learning interactive and keepsstudents engaged.
  • Online quiz:Students love the creative way of learning. For this, teachers can provide a quiz to the students and they need to answer the questions. Such quiz is focused on the previous course material as it will help in revision.

The best MBA College in Jaipur is using these approaches in their professional courses. The interactive learning technique explores students’ knowledge and ability to think critically.



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