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Industry-Student Interaction

What is Industry- Student interaction?

In Best Polytechnic College in Rajasthan, teachers teach what is in curriculum given by universities and by technical board. They perform the duties as per the requirements.

Ways to increase Industry-Student’s interaction:

There are many ways for the interaction which are as follows-

  • Industrial visits
  • Guest lectures(Industry experts)
  • Industrial trainings

1) Industrial visits

During industrial visits, students comprehend about various departments in industries, how it is co-related with each other, what is sequence of operations and what is the hierarchy of the industry.

Gaining knowledge of all these things helps to finally choose a field or career in which students have to enter. It also enhances some of their qualities like behaviour, curiosity, decision making and many more. Faculties of respective subjects also visit the industries along with students to make them understand the theoretical concepts and reality in industries.

2) Guest Lectures

Unlike industrial visits, in this case, students do not have to go directly to visit the industry but Best Polytechnic College in Rajasthan invites a person from industries to provide information about new trends in industries and provide some knowledge in industries. Subject is selected by considering syllabus of students and gaps between current trends in market or industries. Experts are called upon to provide information about personality development, career guidance, communications skills which does not provide any technical information but enhance the skills, guide them to choose right path, help them to face interviews.

3) Industrial Trainings

In Industrials Trainings, students have to visit industries daily up to 15 days or up to months. There they have to observe the things going in industries, have to stay with experts and perform task given by them. Generally, students in group of four to five visit industries, understands processes from stating to end, studies it well, prepare a report over it and submit to college. During these days they have to visit each department and try to understand their working.

While working in the respective industry, they understand the working pattern to gain a better insight of the operations.

This makes college strong and effective in knowledge, healthy in admissions, good feedback from companies about students’ knowledge and behaviour. This is also useful for placements point of view, as students can add the things like workshop attended or industrial training which casts a good impression over interviewer.



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