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The second day of the webinar series ‘Be Future Leader-Post COVID-19’ was addressed by Dr. Praveena Nair (Cambridge University Center Head, Kerala, and Sr. Instructional Designer, Inker Robotic Solutions) and Mr. Syam Gopi (Senior Content Strategic Developer, Inker Robotic Solutions). Prem Surana Sir (Chairperson, Deepshikha Group) and Dr. Anshu Surana Sir (Chairperson, UOT) welcomed these technology experts who shared their views on a wide variety of topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic technology. The webinar was coordinated by Dr. Reema Singh and Dr. Reeta Bisht. 

The webinar primarily focused on how emerging technologies in future can assist individuals to excel both in their career as well as their profession. The live session was attended by students, scholars, professionals, and business persons and the total number of participants in the webinar was more than 4500. The present time can be considered as the digital age 4.0 and therefore, we need to be techno-friendly. Moreover, in this webinar, Dr. Anshu Surana Sir also announced the association of the University of Technology with Inker Robotics. The association will be of immense benefit to the students as they will be provided with quality knowledge and learning facilities related to the field of robotics along with the various advancements that are taking place in robotic technology. 

In addition to this, experts also acknowledge the fact that there is a lack of skilled professionals in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, System Integrated Analysis, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Autonomous Robotics, Human Assisted Robotics, and Cyber Security. Professionals who have expertise in these fields will be in great demand in the future. Moreover, analyzing the conditions of Coronavirus, it has been assumed that human labor will be replaced by robots. Therefore, technologically upgraded and skilled individuals will be the major preference for employers. 

Although there is a wide gap between technical and non-technical persons in terms of employment opportunities but still in sectors such as healthcare, the demand for competent and skilled professionals will remain high. Thus, the entire webinar highlighted that it’s time for all of us to technically upgrade ourselves both through skills and knowledge. The webinar was highly engaging and therefore, we also provided the live streaming of this webinar. 

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