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Is Fashion technologist a good career option

Creative mind people are always looking for different and innovative things to do. They have a different mindset from others with a zeal to do something new. With the emergence of new technologies in the Fashion Industry like AI, AR, VR, Novel Fabrics, many technical students find the fashion industry a good career option. If you have a technical bent of mind along with creative power, then you should opt a career as a “Fashion Technologist”.

This course aims to groom students in the core garment industry for the best Apparel production. Students from technical backgrounds have the advantage to contribute to the fashion technology domain. The best polytechnic college in Jaipur believes that learning courses related to “Fashion Technology” can benefit students as there is minimal competition and very few people knew about this course.

More points to consider.

The field of fashion technology involves everything from designing to the manufacturing of garments. One should be well-versed in handling different types of materials and fabrics as they differ in their delicacy and other intricacies. Fashion Technologists work on the development of garments or fibers, improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of the end product. As a fashion technologist, one needs to consistently coordinate and manage multiple stakeholders and vendors. One also needs to regularly advise colleagues on the marketing side of the business about the technical aspects of the garments and fibers produced.

What are the career opportunities in Fashion Technology?

If you are choosing the “Fashion Technology” course, then you shouldhave to know about the scope & career opportunities in this industry. This course helps you to learn apparel manufacturing technology as well as exposure to hands-on training & industry exposure. At the end of the course, you will be hired by a fashion house, or by a garment manufacturing unit. It is important to know, where you can apply for the job through Fashion Technology:

  • Branded Fashion House
  • Event Management Companies
  • Fashion Magazines
  • Television & Film Industry
  • Boutiques
  • Retail Chain

The best private college in Jaipur emphasizes students to learn courses like “Fashion Technology” as it offers a good career opportunity and is highly beneficial for students who have technical knowledge with a creative mind.