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Knowing about Computer Networking

Developing models is considered to be a significant portion of curriculum of Top engineering colleges in Jaipur. This activity not only develops skill to work as a team but also develop the habit to complete the task within a prescribed time framework.

A computer network is a set of computersconnected together for the purpose of sharing resources. The most common resource shared today is connection to the Internet.

Benefits of networking: –

1. Easy Communication

It is very easy to communicate through a network. People can communicate efficiently using a network with a group of people. They can enjoy the benefits of emails, instant messaging, telephony, video conferencing, chat rooms, etc.

2. Ability to Share Files, Data and Information

This is one of the major advantages of networking computers. People can find and share information and data because of networking. This is advantageous especially for large business organisations who aim to maintain their data in an organized manner and facilitate access for desired group of audience.

3. Sharing Hardware

Another important advantage of networking is the ability to share hardware. Like a printer can be shared among the users in a network so that there is no requirement to have individual printers for each and every computer in the company. This will reduce the cost of purchasing hardware.

4. Sharing Software

Users can share software within the network easily. Networkable versions of software are available at considerable savings compared to individually licensed version of the same software. Therefore, large companies can minimise the cost of buying software by networking their computers.

5. Security

Private files and programs on a network can be password protected. Then those files can only be accessed by the authorized users. This is another important benefit of networking when there are concerns about security issues.

6. Speed

Sharing and transferring files within networks is very fast, depending on the type of network (LAN and WAN). This will save time while maintaining the integrity of files.

7. Centralized Data

The data of all network users can be saved on hard disk of the server computer. This will help users to use any workstation in a network to access their data. Because data is not stored on workstations locally.

This includes various employability aspects also so that a student of top engineering colleges in Jaipur can opt either to do job or to go for higher education.



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