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Engineering education has been traditionally content-centered, design-oriented, and focused on the development of critical thinking or problem-solving skills. Over the last decade, online education has become a viable component of higher education in engineering sub fields such as electrical and computer engineering, computer science and information technology especially at the master’s or post-graduate level.

Although the online education has not been a new concept to educators in general, the COVID-19 pandemic introduced a global need to explore online teaching/learning opportunities within the entire spectrum of educational levels. According to the UNESCO, since the onset of pandemic, more than 1.5 billion students worldwide have been affected by the COVID-19 closures. The sudden closure of most educational institutions around the world compelled the conversion of the face-to-face instruction into a fully online format.

Urgent, cautious and evidence-based planning was done by Top Engineering colleges in Rajasthan to mitigate the impact of pandemic on engineering education especially for vulnerable and disadvantaged students facing substantial challenges beyond their academic responsibilities, including family obligations, financial burden and additional employments. Additional efforts were taken to guarantee that online instruction of engineering courses meets the rigorous requirements of the program accreditations such as Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

The private btech college in Jaipur employed appropriate teaching techniques like breaking down a long lecture into shorter segments with more frequent breaks, encouraging group discussion among students, making themselves available during online exams, providing students with a clear roadmap for the online course, making the recordings of the live lectures available after the lecture is over.

To assist with the time management issue during the exams, faculty designed practice exams to allow students to familiarize themselves with the questions’ setup and adapt with the exam’s style before the actual exam. Further, to reduce the educational gap, best Private Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan adopted the practice of developing and implementing effective learning tools.



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