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Skills required to be a front-end developer

Coding is learnable, accessible, and welcoming to all students of engineering studying in Best B. Tech College in Jaipur with good endeavours and know-how. A tech savvy developer can transform a static webpage into a highly responsive and dynamic customer experience.

Knowing who are Front End Developers

Front end developers are responsible for everything that a site viewer can see and interact with on a given webpage.

The student studying at the Best B. Tech college in Jaipur make use of a combination of fundamental building blocks of the web namely, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make online sites usable and attractive to a visitor. These three main languages are supplemented by useful libraries and frameworks such as Bootstrap, AngularJS, jQuery, and hundreds more. They are responsible for making the internet a user-friendly, navigable and immersive experience.

Front End Web Development Skills That Employers Look For

There are several essential skills that employers look for when hiring web developers. If you want to learn how to become a front-end developer, students of top engineering colleges Jaipur should add proficiency with the following tools to your professional skill set.


HTML, or Hyper Text Mark-up Language, is used to define the structure and layout of content on a website. The language performs two crucial functions like one, it links separate web pages together and, two, it allows content to be annotated with mark-up tags.

2. CSS

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a sheet-based scripting language that modifies how HTML elements appear on a web page. Front end developers use CSS to change the appearance of HTML by directly referencing HTML elements, such as paragraphs, blocks, buttons, and more.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is what makes web pages dynamic and interactive to user commands. Without JavaScript, websites would have only the most basic layer of functionality. Developers use the language to make HTML elements dynamically responsive without requiring a page redirect.

4. Node.js

Node.js is a platform built with JavaScript that makes it easy to build scalable network applications that can handle large user loads and traffic. With Node, developers can run JavaScript code outside of the traditional browser environment and thus easily communicate with both client- and server-side scripts.

5. SQL and NoSQL

Both SQL and NoSQL are tools that allow front end developers to interact with permanently stored data, say, user profiles and content that needs to persist across site visits. Both technologies are critical for anyone seriously interested in web development, though they approach data storage differently. SQL, or Structured Query language, is a standardized language that allows developers to interact with relational databases.