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Ethics in engineering practice is about professional responsibilities of engineers. Professional ethics have been recognized as an important foundation in the practice of engineering for several decades. Code of Ethics has been invoked as a basis for professional engineering licensure. Violations of such ethical codes have led to many well known tragic engineering failures that endangered human life and jeopardized public welfare.

As a response to this concern, a new discipline, engineering ethics, is emerging. This discipline will no doubt take its place alongside such well established fields as medical ethics, business ethics and legal ethics. Recently, ethics has attracted the attention of several colleges of engineering around the world. In this regard, ethics started merging into engineering curricula of best private engineering college in Rajasthan for the last two decades.

With the attainment of professional recognition for Engineering Ethics, wider attention is received to teach ethics in best private btech college in Rajasthan. Most of the studies recommend carrying out Engineering Ethics Education, not as stand-alone courses, but as technical course modules embedded with ethical aspects.

Ethics is introduced and taught in best btech college in Jaipur in the form of guest lectures, presentations to student chapters of professional societies, discussing scenario from articles, a freestanding, non-technical elective course which is taught by a regular faculty or an experienced industry professional. It is always a good idea to introduce ethics several times in the student curriculum rather than in a single course.

In addition, ethics is taught in a professional seminar classes. Another approach is to introduce engineering ethics into required engineering courses. This approach has the advantage of teaching engineering ethics in a way that brings out how integral engineering ethics are to engineering practice. Another easy way out is to pass out a code of ethics at the beginning of the semester and refer it often enough during the term so that the students get the idea that is important for them to read. An instructor can repeat the importance of that part throughout whole semester.

However, teaching ethics sometimes becomes very difficult depending on the composition of students and their background. There is not a single pedagogy to teach ethics. It can be taught in many ways depending on instructor and availability of resources of the department.



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