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B. Pharma is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on the study of health and chemical science. In the course duration, students are introduced to a variety of medicinal drugs, their uses, and their effects or side effects. To qualify for admission, one should have completed their 12th from a recognized board with the relevant subject like chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

B. Pharma is one of those degrees that provide many career possibilities after graduation. One can easily get puzzled among the choices. One should get all the information about all the options available after B.Pharma to avoid any confusion.

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Career after B.Pharma

Medical Representative:

Medical Representatives (MRs) are employed by pharmaceutical organizations to interact with physicians and introduce them to new drugs manufactured by the company. They should have thorough knowledge about the drug as they are the ones responsible for letting medical professionals know about the new drugs manufactured by the company.

Drug Inspector:

Drug inspectors play a critical role in drug manufacturing. Once the drugs are approved for general distribution in the market, the drug inspector must ensure the proper manufacturing and safe packaging of drugs. They are also responsible for the routine inspection of drug quality and manufacturing efficiency.

Community Pharmacist:

A community pharmacist is a pharmacist that runs drug stores near your home. This is a critical position as they have to follow stringent laws and regulations issued by the government while inspecting prescriptions and dispensing medications.

Hospital Pharmacist:

Like the community pharmacist, hospital pharmacists run and manage drug stores inside a hospital according to the directives of nurses and doctors. They manage inventories and keep track of prescriptions.

Quality control associate:

They are responsible for keeping track of the quality and safety of a manufacturing drug at every stage. They develop reports based on their investigation.

R&D Scientist:

Their job is very critical as they research diseases, develop cures, re-evaluate existing drugs and develop new formulations for the drug. They research and develop vaccines for the disease. They should have extensive knowledge about biology and chemistry and conduct human and animal trials.

Science Writer:

With in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical department, they write blogs, articles, news stories, and reviews for news organizations, periodicals, and internet media outlets.

Formulation Development Associate:

Their main responsibility includes assisting the development of medicines. They perform extensive research, trial, and tests to develop better formulations.

These were some of the best career options for a B.Pharma graduate. Pharmacy is a well-known and reputable field and offers great employment opportunities.