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Transforming Virtual Learning into Engaged Learning

As more of what we do on a day-to-day basis goes digital, online courses in Best BBA Colleges in Jaipur are exploding in popularity. The facility to study online proves to be of great aid in combination with offline classroom learning.

With the help of artificial intelligence, real-time simulations, and big data analytics, colleges have made it possible to bring the engagement of a physical classroom to your fingertips.

Engaged Learning Online Programme

Prepare yourself to participate in polls, quizzes and other tailor-made learning materials that make learning far more engaging than the usual classroom learning. One can get to make smart decisions quickly, debate and develop arguments, break out into different teams to discuss, brainstorm and reflect. Encouraged by faculty members of Best BBA Colleges in Jaipur, students also get to address real-world business situations by applying tools and frameworks, both at the individual level as well as a part of a group.

Instant Polling

For faculty members, instant polling is the best way to make the session engaging. As a student, it empowers you to give live responses and feedback. In addition, it adds an element of excitement during the online interactive session.

Meeting and Collaboration

You can exchange ideas with your peers, collaborate on an assignment, break out into groups to debate and discuss business-related issues, without any loss of engagement in real time. Faculty members aid this by dividing students into groups for projects and scheduling live meetings on the platform.

Virtual Whiteboards

Virtual whiteboards offer a clean and easy interface that best serves the faculty members to explain concepts and equations to all the students in real-time. It also helps them to explain concepts easily by writing, drawing symbols and shapes, saving snapshots, and sharing documents in multiple tabs on touch-enabled monitors using pointers.

Benefits of this Technology-

Convenience –It is capable of blending interactive and engaging learning activities and tools to perfectly adjust your on-campus learning experience in between your busy lifestyle.

Attentiveness– Moving away from archived session videos and paying close attention to professor with a mutually-fulfilling, one-on-one interaction.

Personal interaction– Get your doubts clarified, raise questions and engage in insightful interactions with leading international experts.

Group-setting environment– Students can develop their interpersonal skills as they would in a traditional classroom. Gaining multiple perceptions from classmates and participating in engaging debates, all of which is mentored by professor.

Top-notch expertise– With an impactful and proactive professor, you will gain insightful knowledge on the domain and a dynamic experience of the business world.



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