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Why should sports be made mandatory for students?

After COVID, many students are least participating in extracurricular activities. Students are engaging themselves with smartphones, television and are having a sedentary lifestyle in their daily routine. For enhancing their health, sport is an important aspect to keep them healthy.

Sports activities are important in colleges to make holistic development of students. All students should have to actively participate in the sports activity. Sports education is essential for students and colleges are adapting to it to make students active. Deepshikha Group of Colleges is the best private college in Jaipur and it motivates students to join sports activities.

For skills development

The best private college in Jaipur is giving necessary education about sports to their students. It enables the students to get multiple opportunities of learning such asthe development of social skills, teamwork, confidence, discipline, strong memory, etc. Moreover, students will also get a chance to develop a skill where they can respond to situations and act quickly by analyzing the facts.

Boosts Health

Modern-day lifestyle makes students inactive and least healthy. When you are participating in sports, it will boost your health. It will make students fit and keep them away from diseases like obesity, laziness, heart problems, etc. The best private college in Jaipur organizes sports week and assists students to participate in inter-college sports. Hence, participation in sports will boost your health.

Improve Academic Performance

‘How do sports benefit education?’ Well, studies have suggested that physical activities play a vital role in the development of the brain. Sports not only reduce stress but also lead to improved creativity and better concentration power among students which automatically is reflected in their academic performance.If students constantly focus on studying and do not involve themselves in stress-busting activities, it can affect their academic performance and also exhaust their minds.



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