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Deepshikha Kala Sansthan is more than an institution. It has been the learning ground for 1 lac + students and comes up as a learning ground for 5000+ students each year ever since its inception. The Deepshikha Parivar firmly believes that when it comes to learning education is one aspect and the learning is other. This is the reason why we incorporate the mixed packages of values, exposure , industrial training, sports etc and lots more along with the bookish curriculum to ensure that the education of your kid is more eventful, joyful and self motivated.

Learning as we firmly believe is a continuous process and this strong belief in our management, faculty and student fraternity has helped us learn new things for almost 40 long years. Itis fun to have learnt so much and still feel there is loads that we can learn.

This is the reason why we welcome frank, honest and firm feedbacks from the general public of this country who we are working for. We would ensure we take the feedback seriously and learn more.

Come experience awesomeness by jumping into the sea of learning, knowledge and development with India’s leading educational institution – Deepshikha Kala Sansthan!!

Why are we so popular ?

Be the change you want to see. Come join the league of leaders who are known for setting examples and leading by examples in various social, professional and corporate circles. Regional College one of the leading names amongst the top engineering colleges has remained on top cards for various milestones starting from the world record (Robots) to placements in fortune 500 companies to add to their laurels. Regional engineering college is a name synonymous to quality education. All students have their reasons to share why they think Regional is the best engineering colleges but the management believes  that the core reason this institution has been able to maintain its leadership amongst top 10 engineering colleges is because of the infrastructure, faculty and campus environment that motivates positive competitive environment amongst the students. Regional College is also proudly ranked as the best pharmacy college. This has further helped the institution reach new horizons and give better exposure to the students within the institutions and reduce the gap between the employer’s expectation and what young and fresh minds bring along with them. Deepshikha Group has been managing the show at the back end. Come and experience awesomeness in the best college in Jaipur and give your thoughts wings. Our tireless effort in raising the bar when it comes to quality education has helped us become the best engineering college.

What makes us different from others ?

As being the top engineering college there is huge responsibility that we are vested with as a trusted education society  it is our responsibility to add the right value within the skin of our student family. This is exactly what we have been doing in all the colleges under our society other than Jaipur engineering college which is affiliated to the Rajasthan technical university for enrolling students who want to do B. tech. under the norms of RTU university. Regional  is also proudly  one of the top M.B.A. colleges in India. Having educated and certified more than 100000 Lac Students in the last 38 years Deepshikha groups knows well what it takes to pave the right career path for a student aspiring for technical education of management program. Experience as few say is an experience school and we have it in loads. The faculty, the technology, the infrastructure and the campus environment all are in the favor of the students. We have always believed that the true mental development takes place with an all round development that is only possible with the right mix of class rooms studies, industrial trainings and campus events and lots more. At Deepshikha we have understood well in these years that the quality education is a mix of values, practical know how and class room education. All round development is necessary to increase the overall mental spectrum of a student We have been perspiring to make the educational experience under all the colleges within the Deepshikha Society better as never before. What we believe is that no institution can develop students till the time the institution is in itself learning through a continuous process as learning never ends!!

Still scratching your head with confusions ??

Come for a campus visit or meet our counselors to better answer your questions. After all its about your future and you should be clear about your way with us!!

Following Institutes Run By us For Technical,Management & Diploma Course.

Regional College For Education Research & Technical
Deepshikha College of Technical Education
Deepshikha Kala Sansthan Group of Institutions
Regional College of Pharmacy
Deepshikha Teacher Training Institute
Regional Polytechnic College, Sitapura
Regional College of Polytechnic, Vatika
Regional Institute of Polytechnic Studies,Vatika
Regional Institute of Polytechnic, Chaksu
Regional Institute of Polytechnic Studies, Gram: Dhamotor, Dist: Pratapgarh



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