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Tips to study Accounting

Accounting in Commerce field is a specialised subject which requires a different kind of strategy altogether for an extensive study. Here are few tips for studying accounting: –

Reading Textbooks-

  • Textbooks are a great resource for studying accounting. The following are rules and suggestions for using your textbook effectively to learn accounting. And if you don’t understand it, read it again. If you understand a concept being introduced, then it’s okay to skim the text or skip ahead. But make sure you understand the concepts.
  • Scanning text for main points doesn’t work in accounting. Accounting textbooks are meant to be read. Almost everything that is included in your accounting book is important.
  • In order to discover how accounting principles, work and how they are applied, work the problems included in your accounting textbook. Most problems in books prescribed for B. Com Curriculum in B. Com Colleges in Jaipur are designed specifically to help students discover how to apply the principles or concepts being taught in that section.

Making Productive use of Class Time-

  • Getting Prepared for the classShow up for each class having completed all assignments and having reviewed your notes from the previous session.
  • Participating in Discussions- Students studying in B. Com colleges in Jaipur should prepare themselves to ask and answer questions, and participate in classroom discussions
  • Seeking guidance from Study Guides- Study guides usually outline important concepts and theories. They also give additional practice questions and problems, which not only help students to further understand underlying accounting theories and concepts, but also help you prepare for exams.

Prepare for Exams-

  • Focus your study in the most important areas- Review and make sure you can work all homework problems that have been assigned in the classroom learning. Just focus your review on topics the professor has emphasized in class.
  • Make sure you really know the material- Teach the accounting concepts you have learned to someone else. Form a study group, and test each other.
  • Focus on understanding- Your instructor wants to see that you truly understand the accounting principles and concepts that have been taught throughout the term of the course. Make sure you understand how to apply what you have learned.
  • Maintain a steady paceMost accounting tests in examinations held in B. Com Colleges in Jaipur have a time limit. Make sure you are confident enough with your ability to work accounting problems due to time constraint.



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