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Admissions open for BBA/MBA For Batch 2020-21. Offline Form or Online Form
Admissions open for BBA/MBA For Batch 2020-21. Offline Form or Online Form


Being one of the pioneers in India in the academic space, the Deepshikha campus connect program is most sought out recruitment center by corporate worldwide. Having a nice track record and fortunately the institution’s Alumni available in almost all fortune 500 companies like Infosys make things only simpler. Other corporate also look out for the interview drives at the various campus recruitment programs because of the nice track records that the young pass outs from the Deepshikha Fraternity have contributed for. The laurels that our old boys and girls have bagged make us feel proud and we boast of a unique blend of campus placement that adds value to the recruitment business cycles, operational business cycles of fortune 500 corporate as well as bigger reputed corporate along with the right exposure the student within the Deepshikha Fraternity deserves.

An institution has to keep in mind multiple spectrums while planning its student’s recruitments. The most important goals and objectives a successful recruitment program is two way.

1. The Student should get the right industrial exposure.

2. The Hiring corporate should get resources that add the required value for the business.



Placement Update

Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)

News & Information

News & Information

News & Information

News & Information

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