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Celebrities are people that we believed have really struggled. This is the reason why we often have our student fraternity interact with various faces that are known to all. The reason behind this is very simple. We want our student fraternity to understand the real struggle that is required to call yourself a success. Our experience as a management team says that life is not a bed of roses. You really need to slog it out to be there. Celebrities like Sonakshi Sharma, Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan have shared their experiences during their time of struggle with our students and even faculty. Such healthy discussions have been very enlightening and inspiring for our family.  

It is always believed that you should learn from people whom you believe have fared better than you in life. This thought has inspired us to ensure that our students get opportunity to interact with celebrities, politicians and all the other leaders who have achieved laurels in their subjects.

The biggest and most memorable event of Deepshikha group was the visit of Bollywood celebrities Salman Khan ( Super Star – Dabangg Khan), Arbaz Khan and Sonakshi Sinha for the promotion of their movie ‘Dabang’. Salman Khan motivated students saying to be confident in life. He danced on the tunes of his latest release. The management felicitated him & Dabangg Team with flowers & mementos. The crowd was uncontrollable and moments spend with him are unforgettable. The event enjoyed the huge media coverage.



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Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)

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