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Deepshikha College and Regional College Unite for a Spectacular World Environment Day Celebration

Deepshikha College and Regional College Unite for a Spectacular World Environment Day Celebration

Deepshikha College, in collaboration with Regional College, took the initiative to celebrate World Environment Day in a grand manner. Together, they organized an array of exciting programs focused on preserving and conserving our environment. The event commenced with Dr. Anshu Surana, Vice Chairman of Regional College, and Dr. Bindu Sharma, Director General, inaugurating the event with a ceremonial lamp lighting and Saraswati Vandana.

The students showcased their passion for environmental protection through impactful lectures on tree planting, lively nukkad natak addressing environmental issues and pollution, and an engaging competition centered around protecting our environment. These initiatives not only raised awareness but also inspired fellow students to actively participate in this meaningful campaign.

During the lively street plays, students shared insightful suggestions to promote environmental protection, shedding light on various issues and underscoring the importance of safeguarding our planet. The competitions among the students aimed to enhance their understanding and consciousness about environmental matters.

One of the standout moments of the event was the tree plantation program, where students from both colleges enthusiastically planted more than 500 trees within their campus. This collaborative effort not only united the students but also demonstrated their strong dedication to preserving the environment.

The Principal of Regional College expressed heartfelt appreciation to the students for their remarkable contribution to environmental protection. He emphasized the importance of environmental preservation in today’s world and expressed immense pride in the dedication of the young generation. He remarked, “We are proud of our students and their commitment to protecting the environment.”

Esteemed personalities guests including the HOD’s of all engineering departments such as Dr. Kedar Narayan Berwa, Eng. Madhumay Sen, Eng. Mahendra Saini, Eng. Saurabh Patni, Dr. Dharmendra Saxena, Dr. Mohit Gupta, Kumari Ashwini, Dr. Renu Saxena, Assistant Professor Radheshyam Singh Sikarwar, and Nitisha Bhargava, graced the event with their presence, showing support for this noble cause.

The collaboration between Deepshikha College and Regional College aimed to motivate students to understand the importance of environmental protection and actively contribute to preserving the environment around them. This initiative stands as a testament to their commitment to nurturing responsible individuals dedicated to the cause of preserving our planet.



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