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Admissions open for BBA/MBA For Batch 2020-21. Offline Form or Online Form
Admissions open for BBA/MBA For Batch 2020-21. Offline Form or Online Form


Dr. Kabool Chandra

DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE The whole world is changing. Transition is taking place in all spheres of life. Students are grappling with demands to keep pace with technology advancement and information overload. Proper education is as vitally important as correct guidance & direction to the student's efforts. Education is an important tool for a student to build a bright career and the student cannot afford to rely on methods developed in the past to be feasible for the future. Education has to fit the needs of individual student to empower and enable the student to make quantum leap in order to sustain the competitiveness. Regional College for Education, Research and Technology (RCERT), Jaipur believes in change and takes care of this change in its pedagogy and learning environment. This means the college is in a constant metamorphosis and has kept its students ahead of others. The College does not want its students to be caught in a gap created by complacency from the success achieved today with the change needed for tomorrow. “Student must aim, not to reach the status of successful students of today, but those of tomorrow”.



Placement Update

Sarosh Khan
Company: Sahasra Group Batch: B.Tech. (EC)

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News & Information

News & Information

News & Information

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Commerce Education is the area of education which develops the required knowledge, attitudes and skills for successful heading of Trade, Commerce and

The complexity of modern era software applications, with a need to deploy them across different platforms and devices has made software testing


Making effective and meaningful notes of the study material when you are studying at the Best B. Tech College in Jaipur is