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Since the advent of software product development in the 1960s, many different approaches have been used in teaching in Best BCA College in Jaipur, for developing software. The most common today uses an agile approach to development. An agile software development definition includes an approach where development requirements and solutions are delivered through collaborative effort of teams and their customers which encourages and promotes flexible responses to change, by advocating adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement.

Software is developed using computer programming for which practical training sessions are provided in Best BCA College in Jaipur, carried out by an experienced software developer.

There are several different types of softwares, which includes-Application Development, System software, Development tools and embedded software.

Each of the categories attracts different types of software developers, with different personalities, characteristics, and specialists. A computer Science student can explore his interests while studying curriculum in Best BCA College in Jaipur.

For Example-Application developers are responsible for developing, modifying, updating and testing the source code for a software application. Primary job responsibility includes writing high-quality codes to program applications compliant with current industry standards. They are responsible for evaluating existing codes or applications. Based on the evaluation, developers perform updates and modifications. 

Senior application developers are responsible for developing technical handbooks that display the design and program code of a new application. They need to collaborate with the design team and other IT staff to finalize specifications for the new application. To excel in this area of software development, the individual must excel in at least one highly in-demand programming language.


The scope of software in India is huge. As per Tech World Times, with a global community of more than 26.4 million software developers, software development has become a mainstream career option in India. Furthermore, a report by McKinsey Global highlights that digital technology can create 65 million new jobs by 2025 in India.

Look around you! See how the world has been taken over by technology, it isn’t difficult to predict the scope of software development in the next few years.



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